The Best Way to Care for Your Braces

Braces play an important role in correcting misaligned and overcrowded teeth. If you have braces, it is also crucial that you care for them well. This can help prevent damage to your braces as well as the teeth behind them.

Very careful cleaning is needed with braces because bacteria in the plaque are easily trapped around and inside them. Here are some tips from our experienced professionals at True North Orthodontics in Calgary, to make daily flossing and brushing more effective and easy:

  • Take off the elastics as well as all other removable parts of the braces.
  • Clean your braces.
  • Brush right from the top of every single wire on the braces, down to the bottom.
  • Make sure that all the debris and plaque are removed.
  • Clean each tooth carefully.
  • Use a circular brushing action on all inner and outer tooth surfaces.
  • Tilt the brush as required to better reach the inner surfaces of the front teeth.
  • Floss at least once a day using a floss threader.
  • Rinse your mouth and check your teeth.
  • Visit your orthodontist as per the treatment schedule.

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