5 Things Anyone With Braces Will Understand!

Life with braces… it’s a different ball game! Your teeth may occasionally hurt from time to time, and you need to use wax to relieve the discomfort. Your diet choices are usually different too. For example, you shouldn’t eat popcorn, but you can eat ice cream. No matter the changes required, the end goal of your treatment is a beautiful and healthy smile.

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Family Tubing Event

7 Jun 2019 blog

A big thank you to all of our amazing patients and their friends and family for attending our 2nd annual Tubing Night at COP. Over 500 people attended throughout the afternoon and evening which made the event a huge success. See you there next year!

Early Orthodontic Treatments – What You Should Know

3 Jun 2019 blog

Did you know that children can receive orthodontic treatments as early as age seven? This is known as Early Orthodontic Treatment, and it can be vital for your child’s dental health and development. At True North Orthodontics, we provide effective early orthodontic treatments and can answer any of your questions regarding the process. Here’s a look at some things you might find useful to know:

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3 Questions To Ask Your Orthodontic Care Specialist

21 May 2019 blog

Orthodontists administer treatments like braces, Invisalign, mouthguards, etc. They are specialists who make sure your teeth are straight and perfectly aligned. At True North Orthodontics in Calgary, we have noticed that some patients are not familiar with orthodontic treatment and we encourage them to ask questions! Here are some questions you should ask an orthodontist during your consultation.

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