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Is Invisalign Right for Your Child?

When it's time to start the journey toward a straighter smile for your child, you may feel a mixture of excitement and angst. Wearing orthodontic appliances for an extended period of time is a big responsibility. For this reason, it's important that you, your child, and their orthodontist find the best treatment plan for their unique needs, so they can get the beautiful smile they desire as quickly and easily as possible. Here are some things to consider when deciding if Invisalign is right for your child.
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Tips to Help Make Wearing Braces Easier for Your Teen

Braces are a big responsibility and major lifestyle change for any person, but especially for teenagers. A parent's support and encouragement throughout their child's teeth straightening process, however, can make all the difference in a teen successfully caring for their mouths during their months of sporting braces, while also ensuring they stay confident and positive. Here are some practical tips to help you support your teen while they wear braces.
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Celebrate the New Year With a Better Smile!

Did you know consulting an orthodontist means hiring an expert in moving teeth? While this may not impress you as much as someone who delivers toys in a flying sleigh to children around the world in one night, it's a job for which you deserve the best. We work with one of the top orthodontists in Calgary. At True North Orthodontics, we're experts in fixing smiles. We are friendly professionals who enjoy helping patients of all ages who want to correct the misalignment of their jaws or make their teeth more even. Our work makes it easier for patients to feel confident when someone asks to take their picture. The alternative is trying to live with an imperfect bite and/or to keep chewing with crooked, crowded, or uneven teeth. Without professional intervention, many health problems can result now and later in life.
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Help Your Kids Get Ready for 2020 With A Corrected Smile!

It's beginning to look like a Winter Wonderland here in Calgary! After you've filled up on hot chocolate and sugar cookies, you might wish that Saint Nick wasn't watching your behavior. But, of course, the jolly man is always watching. Let's hope that he doesn't share all your indulgences with your orthodontist! Here at True North Orthodontics in Calgary, we often help patients with misaligned jaws, and we hope you will learn more about how we do it by visiting our office for a consultation!
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Second Annual Mother of Pearls Conference!

For the second year in a row, our Certified Orthodontic Specialist, Dr. Gage joined many other talented orthodontists in continuing their education! Here at True North Orthodontics, we are passionate about staying on top of trends and technology in the orthodontic industry, to offer our patients innovative solutions for personalized treatment!
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