How to Manage Discomfort When Wearing Braces

7 May 2019 blog

Modern orthodontic treatments are designed with patient comfort in mind, but they can occasionally cause some minor pain or discomfort. Most patients have these experiences after their braces and wires are adjusted. At True North Orthodontics in Calgary, we recommend following these tips to reduce your discomfort:

  1. Have Something Cold

Foods such as popsicles or ice cream can help reduce inflammation; sooth gum and muscle aches, and numb some areas of your mouth. This can provide some “instant” relief from the pain and give you an excuse to enjoy a delicious treat! If you don’t have ice cream on hand, you can always use ice to sooth the inflammation.

  1. Salt Water

Lips and cheeks rubbing against metal braces can cause some irritation and inflammation, especially if you’re sensitive. Swishing salt water in your mouth can reduce irritation and help you avoid infections.

  1. Avoid Crunchy Foods

Avoid hard and crunchy food items entirely. They cause additional strain to your teeth, especially after your braces are adjusted. They can also damage your orthodontic appliance too. It is best to avoid them all together!

The True North’s team favourite ice cream spot in Calgary is Made by Marcus! Treat yourself to one of their delicious flavours that are handcrafted in Calgary and let us know what you think. If you would like more tips contact us at True North Orthodontics in Calgary! We are happy to help our patients feel more comfortable during their treatment.

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