Hacks for Life With Braces

8 Apr 2019 blog

At True North Orthodontics, we work hard to ensure our patient’s smile journey is a comfortable process. We’ll take the time to explain best practices and tips for your lifestyle during your orthodontic treatment. Initially, after starting treatment for the first time, there will be some adjustments. Here are some “life hack” reminders from our friends at the Canadian Association of Orthodontists:

1) Removing food from your braces

Food can easily get stuck in your braces, especially between brackets and wires. To help, take a glass of water and swish it around your mouth. Following this, use a travel-sized toothbrush and flosser to get a good clean. We recommend keeping an “on-the-go” kit handy with these supplies.

2) Reduce pain

After a routine check-up or braces adjustment, you may experience some pain, soreness or sensitivity. To keep pain at bay, start with drinking a cold glass of water or other cold beverage. Alternatively, you can swish with salt water. If the pain does not subside with these tactics, use a pain relief medication.

3) Eat soft foods

If you are experiencing any discomfort from your braces adjustment, choose soft foods. Stock up on bananas, pudding, pasta, soups and yogurts. Hard or crunchy foods can cause irritation and place unnecessary pressure on your braces.

For more life hacks or helpful tips, contact us at True North Orthodontics in Calgary! We are happy to keep your experience as comfortable as possible.

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