Early Orthodontic Treatments – What You Should Know

3 Jun 2019 blog

Did you know that children can receive orthodontic treatments as early as age seven? This is known as Early Orthodontic Treatment, and it can be vital for your child’s dental health and development. At True North Orthodontics, we provide effective early orthodontic treatments and can answer any of your questions regarding the process. Here’s a look at some things you might find useful to know:

There Are Two Phases

Normally, your orthodontist will carry out the treatment in two distinct phases. The first phase is treating the issue as it happens at a young age. This is a preventive measure and helps ensure the problem won’t worsen over time. The second phase is treating your child when they’re older with follow-up procedures.

Better Results

Early orthodontic treatment yields better results because we can control the development of your child’s teeth and facial structure as they grow. It is easier to get the desired shape, health, and appearance through the two-phase process. With early intervention, we reduce the risk of more invasive orthodontic treatments down the line.

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